This is the final project for my Advanced Material and Lighting class.  We were given the scene and had to put textures on everything and make flames & candles.  The goal was to make it realistic looking.  I had a lot of trouble figuring out the sub-surface scattering on the candles and the glow of the flames, but I think in the end I was able to make both look pretty nice.  I will probably go back and fix somethings after I’m done with all my other finals. The theme of the composition is Hawaii, my home.

I really enjoyed most of the things we did in this class and I felt like I learned a lot.  It made me more comfortable with lights and textures.  Being that I want to do lighting and texturing, I worked really hard on all the projects for this class to really make them count.

My Advanced Material & Lighting final project

My Advanced Material & Lighting final project


Character Model

This is a character model that I made using Maya and Zbrush.  The basic geometry was modeled in Maya, then I used Zbrush to sculpt shape and details.  It is a “sea-horse” half horse and half seahorse.  When coming up with the idea, I knew I wanted to model a horse, but not just a horse, I wanted something more unique. 

Who Killed Billy Mays?

This is a Flash animation I did for a group project.  I came up with the story concept for the entire project, which is that Billy Mays was killed by the products he endorses.  For my specific segment, he was using the cleaner Kaboom, when it actually caused an explosion or “kaboom.”

Depth of Field

An assignment for Advanced Material and Lighting. We were given the scene with the robot and had to set up a camera and apply depth of field.  I used two different methods to achieve depth of field, the first in the camera attributes and the second, using a Bokeh lens. 

Ambient Occlusion

A Photoshop composite for ambient occlusion in Maya.  There are many passes, each a different layer, including: shadows, reflections, specularity, diffuse, and ambient occlusion.


Maya Texutres

Here are four textures I made within Maya.  I used the hypershade in Maya to create the textures, the only outside files I used were abstract files.  The four textures I was going for are: stucco, glossy white paint wall, brick, and linoleum.

This is a recent project I did for Advanced Material & Lighting.  It is a scene of a farmhouse.  All of the textures were made within Maya.  The time of day is mid-day.